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Emilee Hines, Author

Emilee Hines is a native Virginian, but has lived in Texas, Michigan and Kenya, and now enjoys life in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  She's busy writing her next historical romance, The Prince and the Passion; planning more adventures like parasailing at Hilton Head; and arranging trips to far-off places for her and Jerry.

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Emilee's romance stories are page turners

Coming soon one more romance, "The Prince and the Passion " .

"The Christmas Dance" was published in the fall of 2014-see below for a short description of an intriguing story. Click on titles to read the first chapter of each book.

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Voting for Love
He wants her, but she wants her rights first.

Molly works as a secretary and marches for women's suffrage in 1914. When she's arrested at a rally, news photographer James writes an article about her that gets her fired, then helps her get another job at his newspaper. Determined to prove herself, she covers a fire, but James gets the byline. When she speaks at a rally, he stages a heckler, planning to ‘rescue' her, but Molly rescues herself and is furious at him. He finally wins her over by deciding to join the fight for women's rights.

The Christmas Dance

W hen Julie Barnes returns to Gray's Mountain to help her aunt, she must face the secrets and lies of her past. At the annual Christmas dance, the last, explosive secret is bared, putting the love and trust of three generations of women to the test. A heartwarming story set in a small town where everyone knows, remembers, and sometimes forgives.

Til Death Do Us Part

A self-help book to prepare for the inevitable- death of a spouse
Recently published and Available from Amazon.
In Kindle or Print Format

While you swore to love each other forever, and it might feel as if you’ve been together forever, life on earth is unfortunately finite. Either you or your spouse is guaranteed to pass away first; will the surviving one of you be able to manage the household, maintain finances and make the appropriate arrangements for a funeral or memorial service?

Til Death Do Us Part can help couples prepare for such an inevitability (and improve their organization, finances and communication to enjoy now and for years to come). It can also walk a new widow or widower through the first days and months following the loss of a spouse. Full of useful information and anecdotes from dozens of surviving spouses, this book can help you prepare for the end of life, and make the most of living.

A Place to Love
Available in Kindle and paperback

"Excuse me!" she hailed him before he could escape. He straightened and turned to face her.  "Do you mean me?" Joanna came to a stop, but Brandy bounded on another step, almost pitching her onto the dirt.  That’s all she needed, to fall at this stranger's feet.  It was difficult enough to make a dignified case in running shorts and sweatshirt.  She stared at the man, at his leonine mane of blond hair, his muscular body in immaculate khaki slacks and pale blue pullover, his jaunty questioning smile.  He wasn’t a local, she decided, or she would have noticed him.
Fool! she chided herself.  Haven’t you had enough of handsome, destructive males?  This man has just put up a sign to destroy your refuge.  He still has the hammer in his hand.

Callie's Choice

Available from Amazon.com in Kindle or print format

Before she could move, a strong hand gripped Callie's mouth and an arm forced her back against the hard length of a man's body.  She struggled to pull free, but his grip was too strong.
     "Are you alone?" he demanded.
     Callie nodded.  She was trapped, but she couldn't let him see how frightened she was.  He might help her get to Aunt Honoria in New Orleans, or he might kill her right here by the river.
     Both Callie and Andrew are running from their past and keeping secrets.  Callie doesn't trust Andrew, yet risks her life to save him.  Andrew scorns her, and  realizes too late that he loves the feisty runaway.  Can he win her back?  Meanwhile, he must join General Jackson's forces in the Battle of New Orleans, 1815.
One reviewer says, "Callie's Choice is a page-turner romance in the traditional sense of love at first sight, but outward resistance because of internal conflicts. Though forces and foes unite them for self-defense, yet they fear the intimacy of true unity. A good tale for a cozy armchair or a quick trip"

The Proposal

Available from Amazon.com in Kindle, print and audio format

Amelia knows Richard's proposal is meant for her sister, and she dares not meet the eyes of the dark-haired messenger who brought the letter when she says, "I accept."  Can she escape before her guardians learn the truth, and can she keep her secret on the long voyage to Virginia?  What if Richard rejects her and war comes between England and the Colonies?  Amelia sets out on a brave but foolhardy journey, determined to find love at the end of it.

A recent reviewer says, "Ms. Hines skillfully captures the expressions and more formal conversation common in early 1770s London. As the story grew, I found myself cheering for the heroine, in spite of being in on the gutsy story she has concocted in order to get herself to Virginia. This was a charming story and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Hines' work."


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