Emilee Hines has long been a writer of non-fiction
Below are some of the more recent books

Til Death Do Us Part

A self-help book to prepare for the inevitable- death of a spouse
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While you swore to love each other forever, and it might feel as if you’ve been together forever, life on earth is unfortunately finite. Either you or your spouse is guaranteed to pass away first; will the surviving one of you be able to manage the household, maintain finances and make the appropriate arrangements for a funeral or memorial service?

Til Death Do Us Part can help couples prepare for such an inevitability (and improve their organization, finances and communication to enjoy now and for years to come). It can also walk a new widow or widower through the first days and months following the loss of a spouse. Full of useful information and anecdotes from dozens of surviving spouses, this book can help you prepare for the end of life, and make the most of living.

Speaking Ill of the Dead
Jerks in Washington, D.C.

at the badly behaved characters who shaped the history of America and its capital through their deeds and misdeeds.

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Washington, D. C., History features seventeen short profiles of notorious bad guys, perpetrators of mischief, visionary if misunderstood thinkers, and other colorful antiheros, from the history of the nation's capital. Emilee Hines reveals the dark side of some well-know and even revered characters from America's past both part-time Jerks and others who were Jerks through and through.

Mysteries and Legends of Virginia

Editorial Review:

Part of our new and growing Mysteries and Legends series, Mysteries and Legends of Virginia explores unusual phenomena, strange events, and mysteries in Virginia's history. Each episode included in the book is a story unto itself, and the tone and style of the book is lively and easy to read for a general audience interested in Virginia history

East African Odyssey

To traditional British school systems in Africa, add 150 young American teachers, most of them single, and the result is change and adventure. British rule had brought English language, laws, government, education, and customs to East Africa, but three countries-Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda-in the 1960s were on the brink of independence and making their own future. This is the story of one young teacher's travels and adventures from the Congo border to the Indian Ocean, from Victoria Falls to the remote Northern Frontier of Kenya. Teaching in Kenya, she interacted with and came to respect her African students and British colleagues. This is a love affair with East Africa and its people-African, Asian, and European. It is exciting, inspiring, sad, and, most of all, unforgettable.

More than Petticoats

Remarkable Virginia Women profiles the lives of thirteen resourceful Old Dominion women, all of whom displayed remarkable courage, hope, and love during times of social and political turmoil. Some of these are America's princess, Pocahontas, First Ladies Martha Washington, Dolley Madison and Edith Wilson; spies Belle Boyd and Elizabeth Van Lew; banker Maggie Lena Walker; Harlem Renaissance poet Anne Spencer; labor organizer Lucy Randolph Mason. Some of these women are well known, such as Pocahontas, who crossed racial and cultural lines to establish friendships with the Jamestown colonists; Martha Washington and Dolley Madison, First Ladies of the young Republic; and Civil War spies Belle Boyd and Elizabeth Van Lew. Others less familiar but equally ambitious include banker and philanthropist Maggie Lena Walker, outspoken politician Nancy Astor, and labor organizer Lucy Randolph Mason. Witnesses to momentous events in American history -- colonization, revolution, civil war, and social reform -- these women are linked by their determination, their fortitude, and their bravery. Read about their exciting lives in this collection of brief and absorbing biographies.

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