Fiction has been a long standing interest of Emilee
Check back for a sequel to Burnt Station

Vince’s friends think he’s crazy to move to small-town Burnt Station, and after a while, Vince and his wife, Annette, begin to agree. As the new lawyer, Vince gets all the quirky cases nobody else wants. His clients include a teenage kleptomaniac, a pot user who streaks the college campus, the judge’s wayward wife, and even the mayor after the town fire department burns the wrong house in a practice. Vince is kidnapped by inept bank robbers after a customer blows out the side of the bank with a supposedly dud grenade. Annette’s boozing uncle has to be taken home from jail regularly, and Vince’s manipulative aunt moves in just as they are renovating an old house. The newspaper editor publishes incorrect stories about Vince that are more outrageous than what’s really happening. This droll novel will keep you laughing from beginning to end.